Monday, June 4, 2012

my weekend!

My honey had a meeting in Houston Friday so I decided to tag along.  Maybe it's all the Palm trees
that I so miss from my time living in California but I LOVE Houston.  We stayed at the Omni Hotel
 Galleria Mall.  I loved the beautiful and busy pool and the hotel itself  just had a lot going on
within so I was vibing off  of the energy.  AND then off to Galveston Island we went for what
turned into an overnight stay.  To our surprise, Galveston has "upgraded" tremendously!  I
 couldn't get  a room at Hotel Galvez (a Wyndham Resort) but I was able to get in to the last room
 available at Four Points Sheraton.  I'm not proud to say that I had to sneak my doggie, Maxie, in
because they (unlike hotels in Southern California) don't allow dogs anywhere on the island except
 for La Quinta which was absolutely not happening.  Anyhow, there are so many new hotels and
 restaurants on the island and there is even a new pier similar to Santa Monica's Pier (Bubba
 Gump's and Roller Coasters included).  Tons of  new bars.  It has  always been my dream to open
a small boutique hotel on that island.  I wish my hubby didn't have to get back to Dallas for work. (sigh)  I
would  have loved a few more days but there's always tomorrow!

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