Sunday, May 13, 2012

a strong conviction on Mother's Day.....

I enjoyed a wonderful evening of Vegetarian Sushi, Edamame, the works  with my handsome
men for Mother's Day!  We decided to walk around the downtown area so my son would hopefully
burn off some of the energy from taking such a long and late nap.  As we walked, I was excited for
my two year old, Elijah, to see a horse and carriage approach  us as I thought it would be a
wonderful "teaching" moment.  (He'd not seen a real horse)  However, the longer I watched the more
sadness for the horse I felt.  I knew that it's life had to be miserable and so I did a little research as
you will learn I often do, and found that those beautiful horses who carry those beautiful carriages
around most downtown areas usually live half as long as "regular" horses.  No doubt to me that this
is due to depression.  I truly felt a red paint PETA fur attack type moment brewing inside but I
restrained (I had no paint & possibly no desire to spend the evening in jail?) and went on with our evening...   

image via here!

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